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Strategic Communications

June 18, 2018

Warren Buffett once observed it takes 20 years to build a reputation and five minutes to ruin it – he’s underestimating the speed significantly. Regulatory, market and consumer scrutiny is at an historic high and the power of digital communications can destroy reputation within seconds.

FTI Consulting’s Reputation Analytics Solution integrates news, industry and social media analytics, financial data analysis, and outcome-targeted machine learning to provide a consolidated, quantitative view of market, influencer and consumer conversations around key events in order to identify emerging issues in real time, identify reputational strengths and assets, and predict business outcomes and impacts. FTI Consulting’s team combines highly experienced strategic communication experts and data scientists with the best available tools in the industry to build customised software to solve our client’s challenges:

Define Outcome: Our work is designed to drive specific reputation outcomes, providing an early warning on fast moving events and identification of influencer networks to help achieve long term shifts in political, customer & community attitude.

Predictive: We use a proprietary combination of algorithms to predict where a conversation is headed and to identify the events and changes in a conversation that will impact your business.

Real Time Reporting: An automated learning-based analysis of media coverage is used to identify positive and negative reputation drivers and enable us to spread those behaviours through a communications network.

Business Focused: We are able to combine communications data with financial performance indicators such as share price and sales levels to identify the connection between reputation and business performance.

Entity and Influencer Identification: We identify key influencers who shape conversations around a key event, and use this information to plan the most effective communications strategies.

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