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January 29, 2018

Our experts work collaboratively with your team, to re-design organisations structures that enable fast and efficient execution of strategy that delivers improvements in organisational performance and a high performance culture.

Meeting the Challenges – The FTI Consulting Difference

Business transformation is a complex and high risk endeavour. Successful transformations are achieved when multi-disciplinary teams bring deep industry expertise, are highly effective communicators of the purpose, inspire and align the organisation to a new strategic vision and bring a disciplined transformation process.

FTI Consulting business transformation team members are experienced practitioners that provide advice and guidance to CEOs and transformation leaders. We acknowledge the challenges and risks facing transformational change; the need to understand the organisation culture, the sheer size and impact such change has on a business. The transformation journey is never a linear path, and requires a compass and map to successfully navigate the journey. While the payoffs are significant when done the right way, many transformations fail to deliver and damage performance.

FTI practitioners will provide you with the compass (transformation methods) and map (process and implementation framework) to guide leaders through a transformation. Our business transformation methodology comprises three major phase components.

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