Asset Lifecycle Management Solutions


January 25, 2021

The FTI Consulting Asset Lifecycle Management team offers an unparalleled breadth of services focused on improving the lifecycle value for critical capital assets. In addition to partnering with our clients to transform their approach to ALM, we regularly fulfill project and operations management roles for clients around the world, leveraging the strength of our best practices and technology. Our services and tools improve every aspect of the asset management lifecycle – shortening time to value and increasing capital efficiency.

Enabling Transformation

Our approach puts your business at the forefront of digital transformation through consideration of four key elements: people, process, technology, and data. This transformation influences the areas of the business that drive significant value and deliver meaningful results against critical KPIs.

Asset Lifecycle Management Solutions

We assemble a multidisciplinary team that includes executives, engineers, data scientists, project technologists, and construction and project managers with the requisite skills and experience to support and enable your people during transformation.

We have developed a suite of processes based on industry best practices and years of experience with hundreds of projects in numerous industries. This broad experience allows us to bring solutions to your challenges on day one.

Technology is viewed as a tool for your teams to leverage as part of a successful operating model for managing assets. In support of this vision, FTI Consulting has established strategic partnerships with market leading technology vendors. Combined with our experience with digital tools that communicate information, rapid decision-making is achieved.

Data is the lifeblood of business processes, providing transparency and a critical foundation for better decision-making. Our analytical tools leverage your existing data to provide new insights, develop predictive models, and build KPI pyramids with leading indicators.

We provide a comprehensive suite of services and tools to help organizations achieve optimal efficiency and return on investment for their capital portfolios, programs and projects across the entire lifecycle. FTI Consulting uses state-of-the-art Enterprise Project & Portfolio Management (EPPM), Enhanced Project Delivery (EPD), Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) and Asset Management Services (AMS) to develop solutions that address diverse challenges of the largest and most difficult projects.

Enterprise Project & Portfolio Management

EPPM provides insights and leading practices for the implementation of processes powered by leading technologies. These enable the efficient and predictable delivery of construction project portfolios.

  • Business process and organizational consulting
  • Project/Portfolio management systems and tools architecture (enterprise cost-control systems, enterprise planning & scheduling, enterprise estimating and process optimization)
  • Engineering and construction analytics
  • Engineering and project data management

Enterprise Asset Management

EAM provides solutions that enable predictive maintenance, asset integrity management and work force productivity. These are achieved by integrating asset management and work order management into everyday processes, tools and execution strategies.

  • Asset management systems and tools
  • Business process and organizational consulting
  • Manage asset risk by understanding the asset’s risk profile
  • Define continuous planning approach to maintain asset’s highest performance

Enhanced Project Delivery

Using EPD, our multi-disciplined industry experts deliver robust processes and preconfigured solutions to assure oversight of complex projects and programs. Read More.

Asset Management Services

To reduce risk exposure, AMS provides required corporate and regulatory services to project developers and Joint Ventures that optimize operational asset performance, set key cost-reduction strategies and manage the overall asset lifecycle.

  • Predictive asset analytics for long-term sustainment
  • Advanced asset performance management
  • Asset development to proactively manage risk
  • Investment portfolio optimization
  • Regulatory filing and management

FAST Offerings

The FTI Accelerated Solution Toolkit (FAST) is comprised of a set of industry focused solutions designed to help accelerate the adoption of new processes and technology across the Asset Management Lifecycle. Each solution included within FAST has been developed to be rapidly deployable (no longer than 10-weeks) and incorporates FTI Consulting Best Practices. At the same time, we provide the flexibility to adapt to client specific requirements and expansion into other business units, process areas and technology. Ultimately, this embodies the FTI Asset Lifecyle Management philosophy of “Start by Starting” to provide a functional solution that delivers value in weeks, not months or years.

Analytics as a Service
The FTI Consulting Analytics as a Service (AaaS) is an innovative platform for rapidly deploying statistical analytics and business intelligence (BI) for a client’s existing asset lifecycle data (CapEx and OpEx).

EcoSys for Owners/Operators
Our EcoSys for Owner/Operators leverages the expertise of our seasoned professionals, well-proven processes, and Hexagon PPM’s state-of-the-art EcoSys to deliver a rapidly deployable answer for managing capital and maintenance portfolios, programs, and projects.

Strategy & Management Consulting

Our strategy and management consulting services focus on helping our clients improve their business processes, optimize performance, develop strategies, and execute essential projects. Read More.

Success Hub

Success Hub provides timely responses to requests by tracking them from submission to resolution, with accurate routing to appropriate resources. Read More.

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