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March 20, 2019

The actuarial consulting services offered by FTI Consulting Global Insurance Services helps solve the many complex and challenging problems facing a diverse base of life, health, and property casualty insurance industry clients, including insurers, reinsurers, captives, risk retention groups, brokers, banks, regulators, investors, and corporations.

We serve our clients by delivering the specialized expertise, experience, and technical and leadership skills of credentialed professionals to help resolve disputes, perform due diligence reviews, measure and manage risk, improve operations, optimize opportunities, and increase shareholder value.

Meeting the Challenges

Clearly the risks faced by clients today are more complex and dynamic than in the past. The main challenge is to be prepared - to anticipate and avoid negative events if possible, and to mitigate and quickly recover from any consequences. At the same time, clients must take advantage of opportunity, which requires a high degree of preparedness.

We help our clients meet these challenges through a portfolio of services designed to uncover root cause issues, and develop solutions that enhance performance and provide lasting value. Our actuaries are skilled at assessing strategic, financial, and operational risk across the enterprise, providing clients with insightful gap/impact analyses and solutions spanning several broad categories, including markets, underwriting and reserving, claims, valuations, capital management, reporting, governance, and legal and regulatory matters.


Market segmentation analysis and product differentiation strategies are crucial to successful distribution within both existing and new markets. Both disciplines depend heavily for success on the degree of granularity and integrity of underlying data and the reliability of statistical models.

As a recognized leader in data management, FTI Consulting can ensure that underlying data meets the criteria for success. In addition, our actuaries have extensive experience in product development, with a holistic approach that takes into account the myriad factors contributing to product risk and opportunity.

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