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July 17, 2017

FTI Consulting’s Data and Analytics (D&A) team helps financial institutions to ensure that consumer account services are consistent and comply with regulations. Banks are often inadvertently assessing incorrect management or administrative fees, or applying inaccurate interest calculations on customer accounts.

We can help financial institutions to identify any inaccuracies, and assist firms in taking preventative action such as initiating self-disclosure to regulators and developing a proactive program for remediation and reimbursement.

Service Highlights

  • Our D&A team has an experienced team focused on regulatory, customer relationship, and potential class action issues.
  • Our process includes identifying relevant accounts, isolating transactions in question, quantifying the financial impact to the customer, applying appropriate interest calculations, crediting affected accounts or issuing checks, and reporting to the Internal Revenue Service.
  • FTI Consulting’s D&A experts have been on the front-lines of a vast array of customer account remediation projects arising out of a wide variety of personal and corporate trust, consumer lending, consumer deposit, and managed accounts.

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Key Contact

Peter Kay

Senior Managing Director, Co-Leader of Data & Analytics