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Do You Know How Brexit Will Impact Your Business?

Strategic Communications

July 17, 2017

brexit executive

The triggering of Article 50 by the British Government in March means Brexit is now a negotiating process that could have a direct impact on every business, across all sectors.

Current speculation on what Brexit could mean for your business will be replaced by a requirement by Government for detailed information on what the implications would be depending on various options as the UK Government, 27 other national governments and the EU institutions tasked with managing the negotiations deliberate the terms of the divorce and the subsequent provisions of a new trade agreement.

Brexit cannot be ignored. Any public announcement you make will be analysed by your customers, investors, employees and suppliers. Perceptions will differ on either side of the Channel. Are you informed and prepared?

  • Stakeholders will expect to be informed of the impact of Brexit on your business, the potential corporate risks and opportunities.
  • Expectation will increase for you to clarify your corporate position, communicating that a plan is in place depending on the outcomes of the negotiations.
  • You will also need to explain how Brexit could affect the people you employ and the skills they bring.

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Louise Harvey

Non-Exec Chairman, Strategic Communications Brussels