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March 19, 2018


We work with in-house legal and compliance teams to provide solutions to complex challenges and opportunities. FTI Consulting is one of the pre-eminent expert-driven consulting firms in the world. Since our founding over 35 years ago we have been the trusted advisor to many companies during some of the most memorable events in recent history, including landmark legal cases, international PR crises, cross-border restructurings and multi-jurisdictional investigations.

Our experts advise clients on a variety of compliance, reputation, financial and regulatory matters, and are able to help across all stages of the business life cycle, from growth to restructuring and from crisis to investment. Our unique blend of expertise and experience covers a wide range of specialisms and we support in-house legal and compliance teams in different ways. No matter the particular challenge you face, whether short-term crises or long-term business growth, we will always be able to work alongside you to resolve the issue.

FTI Consulting’s professionals provide a diverse range of skills, expertise and the experience that can help bring clarity to a variety of situations.

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