Reopening with Care: Guidance for a Successful Transition to a Post-COVID World

Forensic & Litigation Consulting | Strategic Communications

August 6, 2020

Conference Room

The unprecedented Coronavirus pandemic raised questions that were never before considered and left teams scrambling to find solutions. As restrictions are lifted and organizations reopen, a new set of questions now demands answers.

Tackling this challenge requires a cohesive approach that considers four elements and how they interact: cyber readiness, physical readiness, crisis management, and clinical expertise.

FTI Consulting is capable of handling all aspects of a return to work plan, positioning our clients to seamlessly transition from the temporary working environments created by COVID-19. Instead of coordinating with multiple third parties, we operate as a cohesive unit, functioning as an extension of your existing team.

Leveraging extensive experience in helping a variety of organizations implement effective planning protocols and procedures, FTI Consulting takes a holistic approach to augmenting and testing preparedness and reopening plans in terms of processes, systems, and response protocols.

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