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Strategic Communications

December 16, 2017

Newton Cradle Brexit

Brexit has quickly become the critical issue for any business operating in the European Union. Whilst much remains unknown, we do know that its impact will be profound not just politically but economically and culturally as well. The nature and scale of the impact on business is unprecedented. Whatever the negotiating positions, the political rhetoric suggests this will be a long, drawn out and significantly disruptive process that could affect jobs, growth and investment across every sector and every market. Whilst there is a huge focus on the many challenges facing businesses, such change also presents potential opportunities.

FTI Consulting is ideally placed to support you. We are able to provide a range of advisory services to help you navigate your Brexit challenges and manage commercial risk.

Whatever the political settlement, the economic outcome will be determined by a diverse range of stakeholders. You need to be informed and engage at every level of the political, commercial and corporate landscape. FTI’s comprehensive offering can provide an integrated approach to your Brexit needs beyond public affairs to include media relations, corporate reputation and research.

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