Navigating Brexit Brochure

March 28, 2018


Brexit represents the biggest disruption in a generation and it will affect every industry. Much is still unknown about how the negotiations will play out. However, what is clear is that the impact of Brexit will be profound and that the triggering of Article 50 will herald two years of complex and hard fought negotiations carried out between many players at a hectic pace. It also seems certain that the EU will not allow the UK to enjoy the same relationship as the 27 member states.

Implementation of the agreement, whatever it looks like, will probably continue for years afterwards and how the final relationship between the UK and the EU will look is uncertain. During this time businesses will need to increase their engagement with all commercial and political stakeholders in both the UK and EU-27.

There has been much focus on the dynamics at play within the UK as politicians, trade bodies and others set out their positions. However, the UK faces not one negotiating partner but 27 as each EU member state will have its own views and priorities.

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