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February 2, 2021

Leadership Development in Challenging Times

We are living through the great dislocation. COVID-19 is driving change on an unprecedented scale. The validity of entire business models is threatened. Deeply entrenched assumptions are being questioned. Organisations are having to restructure and re-orientate in order to survive in a challenging new environment.

At every level, from C-Suite to first-time line manager, the demands made on leaders have never been greater. Their role in helping to guide their people and their organisations through a landscape of continuing and radical change has never been more important. Our role in FTI Consulting is to help leaders develop the capabilities they need to respond to trigger events and business drivers.

The business case for investing in leadership

At FTI Consulting, our People & Transformation team work on the fundamental premise that leadership can be learnt.

We know that exceptional leadership leads to enhanced organisational performance and sustainable value. According to the Journal of Applied Psychology, approximately 30% of leadership is innate. Therefore, business case for investing in leadership is compelling.

The 70:20:10 learning methodology that so many organisations adopt tells us that leadership can’t just be taught, but it can be learned and developed like any other skill. We can work with you to achieve many goals at all levels of leadership across your organisation.

Guiding people through the leadership journey in a time of far-reaching change

At each stage of their career, leaders need to develop the confidence and practical skills they need to maximise impact and business results, develop teams and individuals and to establish a positive and productive culture. We use eight levers to facilitate that process in a time of unprecedented and radical change.

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