Digital Transformation Brochure

From Failing to Prevailing

Forensic & Litigation Consulting

February 5, 2018


Despite decades of expenditure in implementing technological and digital change, as many as 80% of digital transformation programmes are still failing. In this brochure we discuss four core points of failure and briefly describes an approach to customer innovation and commercial decision making that will move your digital transformation programme from “failing to prevailing”. In closing we discuss the key capabilities required of digital organisations looking to derive quantifiable value from digital initiatives.

Working together with Chief Executive Officers, Chief Digital Officers and Chief Technology Officers we have worked with our clients to develop a Digital Ecosystem Value Assessment, which leverages the seven components of the digital ecosystem, and the KPI’s unique to your business in order to quantify the level of revenue generation or cost reduction possible by leveraging Digital. We do this by:

  • Evaluating how you engage with your customers.
  • Specifying the most appropriate channel mix.
  • Highlighting opportunities for automation across your value chain.
  • Highlighting opportunities for mobility and online application development.
  • Helping you understand the digital operating model required to sustain value.
  • Design a customer experience which places traction and growth at the centre of your strategy.
  • Calibrating your digital strategy against data compliance frameworks to future proof to regulatory change.

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