Agribusiness Advisory Services

Assisting Clients to Seize Opportunities and Overcome Barriers


November 22, 2019

Agribusiness Advisory Services

We help companies, funds, families and individuals to take advantage of the broader opportunities within agriculture and to identify specific opportunities for growth or improvement in their business.

The global macro-economic forces in agriculture and food production are stronger than ever. This shift is being driven by:

  • A growing and increasingly affluent population in highly populated regions like China, India and South East Asia;
  • Changing diets;
  • Urbanisation;
  • Current and forecast food shortages; and
  • A greater awareness from consumers around the health benefits and provenance of the products they consume.

The impact of the above forces is best evidenced by the upward trend in agricultural commodity prices, appreciation in land values, and increasing investment activity in the sector. The goal of our Agribusiness team is to help our clients to identify what this means for them, where the opportunities are and to ensure that they are in a position to take on investment, improve performance and/or deploy capital.

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