R&D Tax Incentives – Are We Heading Towards a Tipping Point?

FTI Consulting Promotion First Published in Tax Journal Dated 20 September 2019

Corporate Finance & Restructuring | Tax Journal, 20 September 2019 (Reprint)

October 14, 2019


The UK generally has a very competitive R&D regime, which ultimately helps to support companies which are innovating using science and technology across all sectors. However, recently there has been a rise in poorly evidenced and supported claims which is an area that HMRC are increasingly aware of.

This is an extract from Tax Journal, first published 20 September 2019. The whole publication is available at: https://rdecx.co.uk

"Part of the challenge around this is that within the process of submitting a claim, the approach to evaluating whether a company is undertaking qualifying R&D and the extent to which those activities should be eligible is subjective, and the outcome of decisions around these two perspectives directly impacts the available tax credit.

This article explains the changing landscape for R&D credits, and considers how RDECX, an FTI Consulting-led next generation tax support platform, can address this. Based on our proprietary R&D Index and backed by a wealth of resources and guidance, RDECX delivers greater efficiency, certainty and reduced cost for companies, without compromising the integrity of the R&D claim."

Please visit www.rdecx.co.uk to view the online demonstration or contact rdecx@fticonsulting.com for further information.

[FTI promotion first published in Tax Journal dated 20 September 2019]

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