Leadership Development: A Framework to Identify Priorities and Make the Right Choices

Strategic Communications

October 10, 2017

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Choosing and developing leaders who can enable, facilitate, inspire and sustain high levels of performance is a strategic challenge for organisations.

How to make sense of the leadership landscape

L&D and HR teams are faced with a densely populated leadership landscape, crowded with providers, models, “best practice” approaches and the latest theories.

They must also deal with a post-financial crisis reality – doing more with shrinking resources, often against the background of a tired workforce. Making sense of the options can prove time consuming and difficult, sometimes resulting in development that does not align optimally with strategic, cultural and individual needs.

A one-size fits all approach rarely works

We believe leadership can be learnt, and that this development is contextual – it must be responsive to business and individual drivers. Truly sustainable development and real value is very rarely delivered with a one-size fits all approach.

We also believe leadership occurs at all levels in an organisation – not just at the top – and that it is artificial to separate leadership from management. They are two sides of the same coin. These principles form the basis of our approach to leadership development and underpin how we help clients make the right choices.

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