GDPR – Making a Virtue Out of a Necessity When Managing Data

Technology | The Lawyer (Reprint)

February 26, 2019


GDPR has had significant effect on the way that all organisations manage their data and relationships with customers, and what was initially seen as a legislative burden has started to drive real business change and deliver tangible benefits.

However, there are growing concerns among regulators, politicians and the public about how organisations manage customer data. Reducing the risk of a breach and reassuring audiences requires a more strategic approach, led by the C-suite. And the cost of reputational damage is often considerably greater than fines, so organisations are having to work harder to communicate transparently about their data management procedures.

In this article Nina argues that, while GDPR may have been the starting point, as technology develops and customers get data-smart all organisations will need to consider how they balance effective data governance with protecting the rights of individuals and delivering their marketing and brand strategies.

This new article originally appeared in The Lawyer and is based on a panel moderated by Nina Bryant at the Managing Risk and Litigation Conference 2018, entitled ‘What are the focus areas in 2019 and beyond on the proactive compliance agenda?’ The panel members were: Michelle Levin, Associate General Counsel - Digital and Privacy, Coty; Jane Finlayson- Brown, Partner, Allen & Overy; and Mo Ahddoud, Chief Information Security Officer, SGN.

Posted with permission from The Lawyer. Copyright © 2019. All rights reserved.

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