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Trends and Expectations of Iran’s Business Community

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November 9, 2015

Tehran at night

This briefing is based on an extensive public opinion survey conducted by FTI Consulting to explore Iranian attitudes to both the recent nuclear deal and the possibility of increased interaction with the West. It also reflects contributions from a panel of experts as part of a breakfast briefing to discuss the survey’s findings, hosted by FTI Consulting in October 2015.

At the time of the survey, US sanctions were still in force for US companies and expected to remain in the medium term.

Harnessing optimism
The results of our survey of Iranian attitudes, following the July 2015 nuclear deal, show that there are high levels of optimism among Iran’s younger generation. However, the Iranian Government will have to work hard to harness this optimism by increasing employment opportunities and tackling corruption. There is a strong sense that Iranians need to see tangible benefits from the deal, particularly as 77% of those surveyed say they are struggling to meet the costs of everyday expenses.

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