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A quarter of employees believe data theft is a victimless crime

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March 24, 2015

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One in four employees believe data theft is a victimless crime. Companies that don’t turn around this mindset could see their own reputations at risk, says Lucy L.M. Phillips, Managing Director and Employee Engagement and Change Communications Practice Lead, at FTI Consulting, London.

Companies are engaged in an ongoing battle to control information. Some data breaches are contained internally, while others grab global headlines. The strength of your internal controls plays a large part in your ability to prevent data theft. The behaviour and attitudes of your employees matter too.

While we are accustomed to the physical security measures in our offices, digital protections are evolving. According to the Online Trust Alliance, nearly a third of all data breaches in the first half of 2014 came from an internal actor and 90 per cent were preventable, whether caused by accident or malice.

To apply an old adage to a new problem, computers don’t steal information, people do. At FTI Consulting, we recently surveyed more than a thousand office workers in the UK to gain insights into employee attitudes about cybersecurity and data theft.

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