Business, Brexit or Broke

FTI Consulting Question Time: Influencing UK Voters, Forecasting Outcomes and Assessing Implications

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May 19, 2016

Business Brexit

FTI Consulting conducted a breakfast briefing on 16th May 2016 to help UK business leaders guide a route through the maelstrom of media confusion, how to address their workforce, understand how to influence and predict the outcome. The event was hosted by Daniel Hamilton, with Dan Healy presenting the research findings, and with Gabe Winn representing ‘Britain Stronger in Europe’ and Stewart Paterson representing ‘Vote Leave’.

The referendum on UK’s membership in the EU is uniting and dividing political parties, businesses and generations like no other since accession into the EEC back in 1975.

What is best for the City and UK businesses was discussed at the FTI Consulting hosted event with a spokesperson from the official campaigns: ‘Vote Leave’ and ‘Britain Stronger in Europe’. With 38 days to go before the UK’s referendum on EU membership, key points were debated after the presentation of FTI Consulting’s research with UK voters, businesses and Global Institutional Investors.

What follows is a highlight of the top 10 research findings.

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