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Regulatory Issues

FTI Consulting energy specialists help oil and gas clients navigate the complex and continually changing regulatory and legislative landscape. Our team has highly experienced economists, industry specialists, ex-regulators and accountants to serve the regulatory and strategic needs of its clients. On the government relations side, we work with clients to develop regulatory strategies that are consistent with the client’s long-term goals, and help to both shape and adapt to the evolving policy and regulatory landscape. Separately, our economics team provides robust independent analysis of regulatory issues that informs both strategizing and dialogue with policy-makers.

Our Service Offerings

Access to Offshore Infrastructure

Companies with existing offshore wells and pipelines to shore are often called upon by other offshore producers to share those pipelines in lieu of building new ones. Pricing in most countries is regulated. The British Government, for example, in an effort to make offshore oil and gas exploration as inexpensive as possible, requires companies that own and operate existing pipelines to be reasonable in pricing access to their infrastructure. In the North Sea, there are many complex pipeline networks. FTI Consulting energy professionals have been involved in disputes around what kind of access should be given and at what price.

Royalty & Royalty Disputes

FTI Consulting is very strong in data collection and analysis of royalty payments associated with upstream oil and gas leases. Drawing upon our international expertise analysing the royalty commitments with foreign government leases, we help manage client royalty costs. We are experienced at all stages of development of a royalty agreement — we draft the agreements, we provide counsel where clients are in the process, and propose changes that improve the value of the agreement. This is possible because of our thorough analysis of the current regulations and legal precedents for royalty agreements throughout the EU.

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