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Upstream oil and gas companies often have to develop strategies to shape and inform the political and policy environment, as well as engage key legislative, regulatory and executive decision makers on matters that include tax, trade, labour and regulatory oversight. FTI Consulting works to protect clients’ political and policy interests, providing up-to-the-minute intelligence and assessments of policy and political risk, as well as developing and implementing issue campaigns and legislative and regulatory mitigation strategies.

Our Service Offerings

Permitting and Licensing

FTI Consulting works with upstream oil and gas companies and with their trade associations to seek to affect government policy regarding issuing permits and licensing. Also we campaign on issues like state aid where a client’s competitor receives aid from another member state that in our client’s state is unlawful. By eliminating unfair competitive advantages, we help level the playing field for our clients.

Public Opinion and Perception

FTI Consulting does grassroots campaigning on behalf of our upstream oil and gas clients. To manage the acceptance of drilling new wells or building new pipelines, for example, we speak to local communities in an attempt to affect and improve our clients’ public opinion standing and overcome resistance. To make client messaging as clear and acceptable as possible in local communities, we conduct opinion and perception audits and state called audits. We also regularly engage with local, regional and national decision makers to secure the best environment for our clients.

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