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Network Regulation

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In Europe, electric power grids and offshore and on-shore pipelines for gas transmission are subject to regulatory oversight. FTI Consulting and its subsidiary, Compass Lexecon help European energy companies use economic analysis, econometrics and financial modelling to analyse complex issues of pricing, valuation and risk management that occur in regulated energy networks.

Our experts combine world-renowned academic expertise in economics with strong energy industry sector knowledge of the markets in which energy companies operate, and the engineering and operating issues they confront, to advise on the effect of regulations on their business strategies.

Our Industry Services

Access Charging

We offer extensive experience assisting energy network companies to develop access charging approaches… More

Efficiency Benchmarking

Our experts' efficiency benchmarking techniques are used to assess business plans and to regulate prices accordingly… More

Network Regulation, Policy & Strategy

We work with economic regulators, regulated energy networks and their investors to design or influence policies… More

Price Control Design

FTI Consulting has been at the heart of developing more innovative approaches to the design of regulatory regimes… More

Strategic Communications

Clients that own regulated networks benefit from the FTI Consulting Energy team’s relationships with key influencers… More

Transaction Support

We understand the regulatory and commercial environments that energy and utility businesses operate in… More

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