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Companies with natural gas and LNG assets require in-depth understanding of energy market dynamics that affect their holdings, including the regulatory environment and macroeconomic conditions. With our deep industry expertise, including former senior regulatory officials and valuation experts, FTI Consulting professionals understand the key drivers of the value of energy industry assets. We provide valuation opinions and expert testimony in traditional commercial disputes, including matters of economic damage, post-transaction disputes, professional negligence, and stakeholder controversy. We also offer valuation opinions and expert testimony before international arbitration tribunals. We regularly bring our energy market expertise and expert witness pedigree to bear in multi-billion dollar energy industry disputes.

Valuation and the Estimation of Damages

In disputes relating to energy assets, courts and tribunals require clear, detailed evidence on the economic value of any alleged losses. We provide expert evidence in relation to the valuation of oil and gas and utility companies and assets, and expert testimony in traditional commercial disputes. We also offer valuation opinions and expert testimony in international disputes before international courts of jurisdiction and arbitration tribunals. Clients have engaged us in a number of material disputes involving midstream gas companies, for example, estimating damages arising from alleged breaches of contract under long-term gas supply contracts. While many of our engagements are confidential, it is a matter of public knowledge that we provide quantification of damages in relation to claims arising from the alleged failure to deliver gas from Egypt to Israel under a contract between Eastern Mediterranean Gas and EGAS.

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