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Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG)

Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) is expected to continue to grow over the coming years and to undergo major transformations. An increasing number of countries and regions have access to LNG contributing to its commoditization and to the increased liquidity of the global LNG market. FTI Consulting provides sophisticated economic expertise all along the LNG value chain, from liquefaction, to shipping, to regasification and to all market players looking at commercial, regulatory and financial issues.

FTI Consulting’s experts have worked on all continents for the global LNG industry, building experience with LNG producers, traders, infrastructure operators, ship owners, regulators, governments, both as business strategists and as expert witnesses. Our LNG experts team combines sophisticated analytical and modelling capabilities, with hands-on experience of contract negotiations, regulatory discussions and contractual disputes, to provide advanced economic expertise rooted in the specific industry structure.

Our Service Offerings

Arbitration & Disputes

FTI Consulting provides expert services in in the context of LNG industry disputes related to asset evaluation, loss of profit, accounting and financial analysis, market assessment, and commercial contracts analysis. Our LNG experts, acting as independent witnesses, combine the economic and industry understanding necessary to provide high-impact testimonies.

Business Development & Contracts Negotiation

FTI Consulting advises companies and public authorities on their LNG commercial strategy, their LNG investment decision and in the concrete negotiation of both short-term and long-term LNG contracts (for LNG supply, LNG terminalling, LNG shipping or other LNG-related services). FTI Consulting’s experts intervened regularly in assessing and advising on multi-billion dollars commitments, from the initial design of their LNG strategy to the actual contracting with clients, suppliers and partners.

Regulatory Issues

FTI Consulting provides impacts assessments, public policy analysis, regulatory benchmarking and competition analyses to both regulated companies and regulators. Our LNG experts draw on experience in energy regulation and in their practice of the LNG industry to assess and compare the range of policy instruments that may be appropriate to achieve public policy goals.


FTI Consulting experts regularly provide training on the commercial, regulatory and technical dimensions which shape the LNG industry. Our LNG experts tailor any knowledge transfer to the specifics of the client in custom-built training modules.


FTI Consulting provides Commercial, Financial and Regulatory Due Diligence on LNG assets, as well as Fairness opinions, to the LNG financiers and industry players. Our LNG experts rely on proven market modelling, regulatory and commercial know-how to quantitatively assess LNG assets targeted for transactions.

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