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Strategic Market Entry

Knowledge of the regulatory environment, the ability to assess political risk, and a deep understanding of the competitive landscape are crucial for successful strategic market entry decisions in many clean energy markets. Furthermore, in Europe and elsewhere, renewable support schemes will be increasingly allocated on a competitive basis and producers will be increasingly subject to market risk (in particular wholesale electricity prices). The use of market intelligence and predictive analytics is critical to gaining greater insight into the future for risk and opportunity-related decision making.

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Strategic Market Entry

FTI Consulting has a unique portfolio of skills to assist clients looking to enter a market, whether through new build or acquisition of existing assets. Our experts have deep understanding of the technical aspects of clean energy assets; the key regulatory incentives and constraints, and the surrounding policy framework; the commercial arrangements that underpin asset operation; and the wholesale power markets to which clean energy generation is increasingly exposed. On top of these skills, we bring financial models and expertise in financial structures and new business model development; and in-house models of wholesale power markets in all major North American and European jurisdictions that can produce a range of long term market price forecasts to better inform entry decisions and assess the risks they entail. All of these capabilities are backed up by deep sector knowledge and experience — using our proprietary databases, local knowledge, and an extensive senior network of professional contacts with experience and awareness of the entire transaction lifecycle, we can bring to bear the detailed and up-to-date market intelligence that is key to effective decision-making.

Market Risk Management

Renewable energy producers are increasingly exposed to electricity market risk and need to assess and manage their risk exposure. FTI Consulting has a dedicated modelling team with an in-house model of European electricity markets that can be used to evaluate the risks associated with specific assets. In addition, FTI Consulting experts have significant experience in advising renewable energy producers on market access and risk hedging strategies.

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