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Investigations can arise from many sources — regulatory scrutiny, whistle-blowers, internal audit concerns or allegations in the press. The issues may include employee fraud, bribery, corruption or accounting irregularities. In any situation, an investigation requires immediate action — data needs to be collected and analysed, key witnesses and suspects interviewed, and business intelligence gathered and reviewed. FTI Consulting has a multi-disciplinary team of specialist investigators, forensic accountants, data analysts and computer forensic experts. Our professionals have extensive experience in managing multi-jurisdictional investigations, including in-country cultural awareness, discreet processes that do not interrupt the regular course of business, and multi-lingual capabilities. We undertake these challenging and stressful investigations with tact and sensitivity when interviewing staff and witnesses, speed and efficiency when mobilising an on-site team, discretion and flexibility when collecting confidential data, and open and regular communication from our senior team leaders to key stakeholders.

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The FTI Consulting Forensic Investigation Practice has clean energy industry expertise as well as functional knowledge; and we know how fraud operates in a wide variety of industries. As a result, we are able to help clients — joint venture partners, private equity funds, companies directly and indirectly involved in the project — identify where fraud and corruption have occurred, or are likely to occur, and work with client counsel to prevent or prosecute. Investigations can vary widely, have sudden changes in scope and are often time-critical. They require immediate, decisive action and specialist support from experts, to help you respond effectively and efficiently. Whatever help you need, our multi-disciplinary team can assist at every stage of an investigation, tailoring our services to match the specific requirements of the case. This can include:

  • Information collection
  • Electronic data review and analysis
  • Reporting of recommendations and findings
  • Updating of fraud prevention policies and procedures

Bribery & Corruption

Clean energy projects or installations are characterised by a multiplicity of interdependent players — builders, suppliers, investors, local government, planning commissions, and project or installation management. In this environment, it is difficult for any single participant to understand the complete picture, particularly when one or more of the participants lack transparency. The FTI Consulting Anti-Corruption Investigations & Compliance team provides leading global capabilities to help companies investigate, mitigate and prevent corruption issues. Our specialists advise internal and external counsel, government appointed monitors and corporate compliance officers, and have led over 300 multi-jurisdictional Foreign Corrupt Practices Act (FCPA) and UK Bribery Act (UKBA) corruption cases. When a corruption allegation needs investigating, our integrated team, with a mix of specialist skills and industry expertise, can assist by:

  • Quickly assessing the situation
  • Designing a tailored, scaled work plan delivered in a phased and cost-effective manner
  • Providing advice that is built on a robust evidence base, grounded in rigorous analysis
  • Using discrete processes that do not interrupt the regular course of business
  • Accessing proprietary sources of intelligence that may not always be publicly available

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