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Clean & Smart Mobility

The way in which goods and people are moving is changing. The convergence of transport, energy, and data sectors is creating a new mobility ecosystem and causing significant disruptions to the market. This has a wide-ranging socio-economic, business model and technological impacts on our way of being.

The Clean and Smart Mobility team at FTI Consulting advise clients on how to navigate this new complex landscape, and respond to opportunities created by this new dynamic. The team is able to offer advice and support on a range of strategic and transactional requirements and transformation technology types, including electric vehicles and alternative powertrains (e.g. hydrogen), connected and autonomous vehicles, and on demand mobility/shared services.

Our Service Offerings

Identifying Strategy Opportunities

Our team have the knowledge and understanding of how to identify and leverage strategic opportunities for businesses to match their objectives, whether that be maximising potential growth, considering their future operating model or looking to rationalise their business. Our services include:

  • Strategic market entry & exit strategy
  • Business model evaluation & development
  • Complex valuations
  • M&A and due diligence (technical, commercial, regulatory & financial)
  • Competition economics & state aid
  • Supply chain strategy
  • Resource, technology & market assessment

Transactions, Transformation & Restructuring

The changing mobility landscape and the resulting changes in demand is causing significant market disruption. In turn, this is leading to some businesses considering opportunities in terms of new investment across the risk/return spectrum, or potentially requiring some form of restructuring to bring themselves in line with the future mobility model.

In preparing for these potential changes, our team is able to assist with:

  • Transaction support: commercial & financial due diligence, valuation & opinions
  • Business plan review
  • Post acquisition separation/ dispute advisory
  • Merger integration and performance optimization
  • M&A buy- and sell-side services, capital raising
  • Distressed & turnaround advisory
  • Office of the CFO
  • Lender negotiations
  • Interim management (CRO, CEO, CFO, COO)
  • Business transformation
  • Financial modelling & planning
  • Working capital management
  • Supply Chain optimization
  • Tax advisory

Future Mobility & Technologies

Emerging technologies are transforming mobility, and provide a wealth of opportunities, but also many new considerations when it comes to adoption. Working with our digital science team, we are able to advise clients on:

  • Partnership and alliances strategy, structuring and assessments
  • Insight and alignment workshops
  • Commercial and pricing model evaluation
  • Future proofing of existing infrastructure

Data & Modelling

The possibilities of the future mobility ecosystem are endless and multi-faceted. In the realm of this vast opportunity, in conjunction with our digital and data specialists, we can help clients with:

  • Data monetisation processes and infrastructure
  • Use of a wide array of machine learning techniques to address business problems
  • Enhanced data services to enable new revenue streams/business models include forecasting, spatial optimisation and sentiment analysis
  • Data storage, processing, reporting and visualization
  • Process automation and data quality assurance
  • Cybersecurity and data privacy

Market Intelligence

In considering strategic entry into new markets, whether through new build or acquisition of existing assets, a vast number of considerations around regulatory environment, the assessment of political risk and an understanding of the competitive landscape are key. Working with our digital science specialists, we are able to help clients achieve their strategic objectives around new markets, and assist with planning around:

  • Geographical & Technological Diversification
  • Data-driven market intelligence evaluating:
    • Market scoping, sizing & forecasting
    • Disputes & competition issues
    • Competitors & benchmarking analysis


  • Policy & regulation
  • Policy evaluation
  • Compliance
  • Governance
  • Foreign market regulations


Our team has deep expertise in technical and commercial disputes and litigation. Our wider team includes certified public accountants, certified fraud examiners, engineers, construction experts, valuation experts, economists, and insolvency practitioners with expertise in clean energy. We are able to assist clients with:

  • Expert witness and Dispute Advisory
  • Trial services
  • Compliance and Corporate Monitoring

Business Communications

  • Media interactions & CSR
  • Government engagement & country level risk analysis
  • Corporate & financial communications
  • Lobbying & direct advocacy
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