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Who better to give you an idea of what working at FTI Consulting is like than the people who already work here?

In Her Own Words — Liz Park

Liz currently is a Managing Director in the Creditor Rights group within the Corporate Finance & Restructuring practice in our New York office.

This was my first job after college. I’d majored in mathematics and economics, but the firm paid for me to take accounting classes at New York University that really helped my professional development.

I’m now part of the restructuring group and work primarily on bankruptcy cases, mostly from the creditor side. That involves dealing with the debtors to reorganise and/or liquidate companies in order to maximise creditor recovery. I really enjoy the variety of assignments. No two projects are ever alike, and I’m constantly learning new things and taking on different challenges. The most important thing I’ve learned here is that the best thing you can do for clients is to make their lives as easy as possible. I always try to anticipate what they’re interested in seeing, what types of questions they will raise and what kind of results they are expecting." It’s about taking complex concepts and ideas and packaging them for client consumption without losing the vital points.

In His Own Words — David Turner

David is a Senior Managing Director in the Forensic & Litigation Consulting segment in Washington, DC.

Now that I've been at FTI for 15 years, I can proudly say that this company has defined my professional career. When the initial core of our practice (Data & Analytics) came over here after the breakup of Arthur Andersen and KPMG, our team was looking to recreate a culture where the people came first and where we had a chance to help clients solve extremely difficult problems in a fun environment, while maintaining a focus on the continuous learning and development of our people. I think we've done both with great success, and the past 15 years have seen the ~150 members of our global practice traverse the country and world, dealing with the financial crisis, the influx of fraud and Ponzi schemes, the tech sectors challenges with data privacy, the onset of global financial crime, and some of the biggest corporate investigations and litigations in United States history, just to name a few. Of course, there are days when you may not want to get up and go or deal with a particularly complex issue. However, it has always been trumped by the fact that you are coming to work knowing you are going to battle with a group of talented, intelligent, hardworking, dedicated, coworkers - that's what makes me most proud to be part of this great practice here at FTI.

In His Own Words — Matt Dixon

Matt is a Managing Director within the TMT team of the Strategic Communications segment in London.

My first job after leaving university was as a Research Assistant in the House of Lords. I studied politics for my degree, so it seemed like a logical choice at the time. Running around Parliament, writing speeches, organising briefings… it was a fast paced, hugely varied role which has prepared me well for the job I do now, here at FTI.

My move in to strategic communications – or, more simply, PR as it was back then – was driven by two things. First, I wanted the chance to travel. They say Westminster is like a village – and they’re not wrong. For all of its excitement, it can be quite a closed environment – and I knew there was more to the world than SW1. Since joining FTI in 2006 I’ve worked on projects in Hong Kong, Singapore, Jakarta, major cities in the US – and a whole host of financial centres across Europe. My second motivation was to work somewhere ‘big’. That sounds quite a peculiar item for the wish list, but until I joined FTI I’d only worked in offices of four, maybe five people. Here, it doesn’t matter what corner of the planet you’re in or what problem you’ve been faced with solving, there’ll always be an FTI person somewhere with a guiding hand – or better still, the solution.

Ask anyone at FTI what’s the best aspect to their role, and nine times out of ten you’ll hear “no two days are ever the same.” I agree – today, after eight years, it still holds true. For me, this firm is also somewhere where there’s a real opportunity to progress, no matter your age or background. I joined in 2006 on the bottom rung – today I help to run a team of 19 people working across every kind of client account imaginable.

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