Learning and Development

We are committed to providing new employees with a clear plan for growth and development. From the very start and throughout your career, we promote continuous learning and individual skill development to help you help us respond to rapidly changing and complex market needs.

For us, it is an important investment because it is your talents and skills that distinguish us from our competitors. Helping you realize your potential and feel fulfilled in your work is the best way to ensure success — for you, for FTI Consulting and for our clients.

A Learning Culture

At FTI Consulting we are committed to building leaders at all levels and realise that most of the day-to-day learning will take place “on the job”. We foster an innovative and collaborative approach to our work and provide you with the opportunity to work on projects in small and large teams giving you the ability to interact with experienced team members. As an FTI Consulting professional, you’ll be assigned a mentor or performance manager who will help you identify your goals and establish a personalised learning plan to achieve them.

A Comprehensive Curriculum

Our Learning Curriculum impacts on individual and organisational performance across the board. Our learning paths are designed to meet your needs at every stage of your career. From your first introduction to the FTI Consulting team and continuing as you grow within the firm, we will equip you with the core skills such as leadership, business development and project management and the technical skills relevant to your practice necessary to succeed. 

You will benefit from a blended learning solution of classroom, virtual and e-learning courses geared towards your individual job function and broadening your on-the-job experience. Our courses provide hands-on, practical tools and methods that can be applied on the job immediately. The knowledge and skills you obtain can contribute toward industry-recognised certifications.

Some Key Learning Courses

  1. Learning Navigator

    Learning Navigator is a one-stop-shop for learning around the globe. With this new system employees can achieve higher levels of expertise in their field more effectively, and performance managers can take a more actionable role in their teams’ career development. FTI employees can now access over 1,500 self-study courses in Learning Navigator from the convenience of their computer 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. This diverse library of content covers a wide variety of subject matters to meet the various training needs of our employees – from highly technical topics to software application instruction to business skills development.

  2. New Director School

    This innovative course is set up to help newly promoted Directors or Managers understand their roles and enhance their leadership, managerial, team and client interaction skills.

  3. FTI University

    This programme provides a conglomerate of cross-practice courses that provide training on core skills, as well as training on your business-specific proficiencies and methodologies.

  4. Leadership Forums

    This series of leadership programmes are a unique opportunity to engage with your fellow leaders from around the globe with world-class academics and to learn more about each other and the business strategies and actions necessary to lead a growing and diverse business such as FTI Consulting. The programme is for selected groups of high-performing Managing Directors and Senior Managing Directors.

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