Ringtail® Legal Increases Momentum in Web Based Litigation Market

Ringtail Legal 2005™ meets complex litigation technology needs of large firms, corporations and government agencies

Annapolis, MD - December 30, 2005
FTI® Consulting, Inc. (NYSE: FCN), a premier provider of problem-solving consulting and technology services to major corporations, financial institutions and law firms, today announced increased market penetration for Ringtail Legal (Ringtail), its flagship web-based document repository and native file review technology. Since FTI Consulting's acquisition of Ringtail Solutions early in 2005, Ringtail has been deployed in more than 30 new cases, both client-direct and through a hosted ASP environment, in several organizations including leading Am Law 100 law firms, government agencies and Fortune 100 litigation practice groups.

Ringtail is a premier web-based litigation support technology, enabling geographically distributed legal teams to acquire, cull, review, redact, and produce both native and paper documents. Ringtail significantly strengthened its legal market position in 2005, led by the acceleration of its hosted ASP litigation support and e-discovery processing model and the introduction of its 2005 release, Ringtail Legal 2005, Ringtail's next generation litigation technology providing clients with improved performance, workflow customization and critical functionality. Recent Ringtail clients include Am Law 200 firms Baker, Donelson, Bearman & Caldwell and Crowell & Moring and UK top 25 firms* Allen & Overy LLP, Ashurst and Nabarro Nathanson.

The push for web-based litigation technologies like Ringtail continues to be driven by desire within the legal community to provide collaborative and distributed access to complex matters and enhanced real-time decision-making. As document collections grow, the need for increased efficiencies in the process of culling and document review becomes increasingly important. By utilizing Ringtail in an ASP environment, clients have been able to not only garner substantial savings from more efficient large-scale document review projects, but also leverage FTI's Repository Services group, an internal litigation and e-discovery consulting practice with decades of experience managing complex matters and processing hundreds of millions of documents.

While the ease of collaboration and increased information sharing among internal and external users is critical, recent Ringtail clients cite several other product distinctions including:

Native File Review: Documents may be reviewed and coded in their native format without conversion to TIFF or PDF, enabling attorneys to view original documents and avoid unnecessary document transformation costs.

Cost reductions: Ringtail clients have also realized additional measurable cost savings with regard to document productions, database management efforts, document review time, native file conversion to TIFF/PDF and attorney training time. In addition, Ringtail's native web architecture reduces administrative and IT costs based the ability to modify and configure the application from a standard web interface. Competitive Advantage: The ability for multiple parties to collaborate on key tasks such as online document review and real-time annotation has created a strategic advantage for many of Ringtail's law firm clients. Law firms have used Ringtail as a market differentiator and a means to reduce third-party litigation costs and the corresponding effort required to manage outside service providers.

Customizable workflows: By providing security at the matter, case, document, field and function levels with a flexible customizable user interface, Ringtail adapts to meet the requirements of individual user workflows rather than impose predefined workflows. As a result, users see only what they need to see and nothing more.

“Ringtail clients have tremendous litigation support technology needs and requirements. Ringtail has been architected as a native web-based litigation platform and global document repository to cater to these needs,” said Eddie O'Brien, senior managing director, FTI Consulting, and Ringtail product architect. “Given the flexibility of Ringtail technology and deployment, either direct or through the ASP model, legal organizations worldwide are utilizing Ringtail.”

About Ringtail Legal
Ringtail Legal is a scalable web-based litigation support technology which can be used by geographically distributed legal teams to acquire, cull, review, redact and produce hundreds of millions of documents in native or paper format. Key functionality includes native file and paper review, rich search capability, and case specific customizations. Ringtail direct installations and ASP-hosted sites including leading Am Law 100 law firms, international government agencies as well as Fortune 100 litigation practice groups.

About FTI Consulting
FTI is a premier provider of problem-solving consulting and technology services to major corporations, financial institutions and law firms when confronting critical issues that shape their future and the future of their clients, such as financial and operational improvement, major litigation, mergers and acquisitions and regulatory issues. Strategically located in 24 of the major US cities, London and Melbourne, FTI's total workforce of approximately 1,300 employees includes numerous PhDs, MBAs, CPAs, CIRAs and CFEs, who are committed to delivering the highest level of service to clients. Additional information is available at: www.fticonsulting.com.

* According to the Insider 250 (UK & Ireland) law firm ranking compiled by the Legal Technology Insider.

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