FTI Ringtail Introduces Multi-Language Review Capability

Annapolis, MD - August 31, 2006
FTI Consulting, Inc. (NYSE: FCN), a premier provider of problem-solving consulting and technology services to major corporations, financial institutions and law firms, today announced the introduction of new capabilities to the Ringtail platform, allowing native document review for both European and Asian languages, including Korean, Japanese, Chinese. Utilizing the Unicode capabilities of its product line, clients can now process, cull, search and review documents, metadata and attorney work-product in a language of their choice.

FTI was asked to participate in an investigation that required the collection and review of documents in Korean. “By leveraging the flexibility of Ringtail, FTI and my team designed a review process that enabled both Korean and U.S. clients to perform a native language document review,” said Hyo Joon Park, an attorney at a leading international law firm in Seoul, Korea.

“Complex litigation has become increasingly global in scope, often with document collection and review occurring simultaneously on multiple continents in multiple languages. We are now offering the market a review platform that minimizes the complexity, costs and risks of converting multiple language documents into English for review and production,” said David Remnitz, senior managing director of FTI Consulting, Inc.

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