FTI Consulting Projects A 2.9% Increase in Holiday Season Sales in Its 2004 Retail Report

Kevin Regan, Senior Managing Director, Available For Comment Regarding Prospects for the 2004 Holiday Shopping Season

New York, NY - November 22, 2004
Kevin Regan, a retail expert and senior managing director at FTI Consulting, is available to comment on FTI's 2004 Retail Report, which forecasts a 2.9% increase in 2004 holiday shopping sales compared to a 4.8% increase in 2003. Among other factors, the projected increase for 2004 was affected by the following:

Higher energy prices, which FTI projects will shave 2.5% from this year's increase

Two extra shopping days in 2004, which FTI projects will add 0.5%

In addition to discussing the holiday forecast, Mr. Regan is available for comment on the following topics relating to the retail sector and the holiday shopping season:

The persistence of a “Two Americas” theme among retailers in 2004: Why most upscale retailers expect a banner holiday season to top off an already prosperous year while many lower to middle end retailers have far more modest expectations.

The holiday-themed store gift card phenomenon and its confounding impact on the measurement of holiday sales.

FTI's interpretation of the Kmart-Sears merger.

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