FTI Consulting, Inc. Announces Availability of the Ringtail® Analytics™ Module

New “Cube” Visualization Approach Gives Attorneys the Ability to Review Massive Amounts of Data in Less Time and at Less Cost

New York, NY - August 20, 2007
FTI Consulting, Inc. (NYSE: FCN) the global business advisory firm dedicated to helping organizations protect and enhance their enterprise value, today announced the availability of Ringtail® Analytics™, a new data visualization and analysis module for the Ringtail® Legal 2005™ document review platform. Ringtail Analytics enables attorneys to conduct complete document reviews against massive data populations in a fraction of the time, with dramatically lower costs than traditional review methods.

Ringtail Analytics introduces attorneys and end users to a new approach for reviewing and analyzing document data. Ringtail Analytics uses a multidimensional cube-like dashboard, similar to a Microsoft Excel pivot table, to provide users visibility into data. The flexible cube provides a means to perform multiple queries simultaneously and map the results to a single dashboard interface. With Ringtail Analytics reviewers can enjoy a macro view of document data, and the ability to quickly drill down the most pertinent documents with a few mouse clicks, assigning the results to lists for more detailed review.

“Ringtail Analytics delivers a much-needed ability to analyze massive document populations from the start of a review to make smarter choices during the electronic discovery process,” said Julia Hardinger a partner with Hardinger & Tanenholz LLP, a firm managing a large document review for Reed Smith LLP. “The dashboard visualization allows the review supervisor to monitor the entire process with ease and immediately identify areas that may need improvement, such as individual reviewer productivity or substantive understanding of key issues.”

Ringtail Analytics visualization and analysis technology provides users the ability to create statistical reports, “zoom” into document sets and monitor the efficiency and effectiveness of document reviews.

Create statistical reports
Ringtail Analytics allows users to create dashboard cubes, which provide information and statistical analysis for more informed review management and prioritization. Dashboard cubes provide insight into a new document population and enable attorneys to refine search terms. The cube analysis helps attorneys justify their positions about the need to review (or not to review) documents in a specific population.

“Zoom” into document sets
Ringtail Analytics cubes provide reviewers a macro view of document populations and allow them to visualize patterns and “drill down” to pinpoint relevant documents. Ringtail Analytics allows users to:

Add multiple dimensions to each cube dashboard for multifaceted data viewing;

Pivot on not only document content, but also on metadata, coded fields, productions, issue coding Boolean searches and multilingual Unicode fields;

Create multiple cubes for the various analyses needed during a review;
Limit cube availability based on Ringtail's granular security model.
Beyond review strategy, statistical reports show insight into documents within given date ranges, with specific document or file types, or can be used to track media.

Monitor efficiency and effectiveness of document reviews
Ringtail Analytics will allow users more insight into their document populations from the start and increase review speed and effectiveness. Ringtail Analytics cubes can monitor and report on the progress of a document review, the efficiency of individual review team members and quality control. With cubes, administrators can answer questions such as:

How many documents are marked as “relevant” and include “privilege” tags?
What is the average rate of review for document reviewers?
Which review team members are marking more documents as “privileged”?
Which review team members are excelling or stagnating and why?

“FTI is leading the charge to meet the market's demand for rapid document review and analysis,” said Ed Pfromer, managing director at FTI Consulting. “Ringtail has a ten-year history of delivering innovative technology to facilitate multi-lingual multi-national complex litigation.”

The Ringtail Analytics module is now available from FTI Consulting. For more information, please contact contact@ftiringtail.com or visit www.ftiringtail.com.

About Ringtail® Legal 2005™
Ringtail® Legal 2005™ technology from FTI Consulting, Inc. enables fast and efficient document review in over 200 languages – delivering substantial time and cost savings to attorneys and investigators working on large, complex matters. The web-based litigation support technology scales to handle hundreds of users, thousands of cases and millions of documents. Ringtail Legal 2005 direct installations and ASP-hosted sites including leading AmLaw 100 law firms, international government agencies and Fortune 100 litigation practice groups. For more on Ringtail Legal 2005, please visit www.ftiringtail.com.

About FTI Consulting
FTI Consulting is a global business advisory firm dedicated to helping organizations protect and enhance enterprise value in an increasingly complex legal, regulatory and economic environment. With more than 2,200 professionals located in most major business centers in the world, we work closely with clients every day to anticipate, illuminate, and overcome complex business challenges in areas such as investigations, litigation, mergers and acquisitions, regulatory issues, reputation management and restructuring. More information can be found at www.fticonsulting.com.


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