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Organisational Design and Development

Transforming the architecture and processes of organisations and their functions to optimise efficiency, performance, agility and talent. Aligning culture and processes with business vision, strategy and customer focus.

  • Reshaping organisations and leadership structures to support business strategy, culture and Employee Value Proposition
  • Streamlining organisations and functions following Mergers and Acquisitions
  • Evaluating and developing governance processes
  • Benchmarking and assessment of organisational performance to challenge and drive culture
  • Designing and implementing strategies to build cultures that drive high performance and results¬†
  • Enabling the Communications function to support business strategy
  • Organisation structure design and improvements
  • Enabling and optimising¬† support functions
  • Development of functional and departmental visions and strategies
  • Implementation of HR analytics to prioritise people initiatives
  • Provision of specialist people support during merger integration and organisational restructuring
  • Strategic workforce and capability planning
  • Talent acquisition support and advice
  • Developing and implementing staff retention, development and recognition initiatives
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