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Organisational Alignment

As an organisation’s internal culture and external dynamics evolve, its communications needs change as well. FTI Consulting partners with clients to understand their unique business environment, including their internal and external communications aspirations. Using a blend of functional organisation design knowledge and corporate and financial communications expertise, FTI Consulting assesses an organisation’s current state, identifies gaps and opportunities, and partners with the organisation to design the desired future state.

FTI Consulting’s solutions for aligning organisations include:

  • Best Practice Assessment
    Assessment of current organisational capabilities against best-in-class examples and identification of opportunities for improvement
  • Communications Function Design
    Structural design and alignment of the organisation with key roles, responsibilities and decision rights to achieve business objectives
  • Visioning, Strategy Articulation & Journey Mapping
    Shaping of future-state aspirations and priorities and facilitation of key stakeholder alignment
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