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  • Financial Fixes That Can Turn on the Cash Flow Spigot

    When working capital dries up, there’s a mad scramble to find any available source of cash, which can lead to inconsistent accounting, overextension, and more.

  • Claudio Costamagna

    Claudio Costamagna joined the Board of Directors at FTI Consulting, Inc. in 2012 and serves as Chair of the Compensation Committee.

  • Public Sector Solutions

    With extensive expertise in public sector matters, our FTI Consulting anticipates and identifies complex challenges, often unique to the public sector.

  • Online, Offline or Both

    No matter what you call the new kind of shopping, consumers are bending retail to their will, and adapting to that new reality is key to surviving and thriving.

  • FTI Consulting Appoints Blanca Perea Solano to Run its Energy Practice in Spain

    FTI Consulting has appointed the prestigious energy expert Blanca Perea Solano to head up its energy practice in Spain.

  • Third-Party Vendors

    Financial institutions, and specifically, banks, are constantly adapting to a rapidly changing industry that demands seemingly unlimited products and services.

  • FTI Consulting Appoints Sophie Ross as Global Chief Executive Officer of the Technology Segment

    FTI Consulting announced the appointment of Sophie Ross as Global Chief Executive Officer of the firm’s Technology segment.

  • Sitemap

    View our sitemap to help find your way around and understand our site navigation. Enjoy exploring all that the FTI Consulting EMEA website has to offer.

  • Examining the Role of Risk And the Appraiser

    Reading between the lines of real estate headlines is a crucial skill for understanding what’s happening in today’s real estate market.

  • The Appraiser’s Approach

    Valuing real estate has become more complicated, and more attention is being paid to the appraisal process and the appraiser’s opinion of value.

  • M&A in the TMT Sector

    Advancements in technology and cheap finance are driving deal making, especially in the telecoms and technology space where convergence is leading to new types of deals.

  • Killing the Rate Card

    FTI Consulting frequently is called in by companies to help improve revenues and profits, which typically involves enhancing ad sales performance.

  • Taking control of the tax policy agenda

    The approach to tax has been driven by ensuring that large corporates stick to the rules and engage with authorities when policy proposals are announced.

  • Quiz: How Vulnerable is the Power Grid to Cyber Attack?

    The electric utility industry remains shockingly ill-prepared to combat the threat of cyber attack even as it insists it has taken adequate precautions.

  • The Life Science Boom

    Last year was the Year of the Deal in life sciences. There were 43 US healthcare initial public offerings (IPO), triple the number in 2012. There were 60 mergers and acquisitions (M&A), with the average deal size 49 percent larger than the previous year's.

  • The ACA and Big Pharma After the 2014 Mid-Term Elections

    FTI Consulting’s Strategic Communications segment held a panel to discuss the election’s impact on the future of the Affordable Care Act (ACA).

  • The Right Chemistry for Success

    We supported Merck with the integration of the culture and people of an acquired business via effective change communications and employee engagement.

  • Supply Chain Management: A Board Room Imperative

    The very best companies continue to evolve and innovate in how they manage their supply chains, but supply chain management can be complicated.

  • David J. Woodward

    David Woodward is a Senior Managing Director at FTI Consulting and is based in Chicago. He is a member of the Corporate Finance & Restructuring segment.

  • Mark C. Spragg

    Mark Spragg is a Senior Managing Director at FTI Consulting and is based in McLean. Mr. Spragg is a member of the Telecom, Media and Technology practice.

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