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Andrew Kennell

Andrew Kennell

  • Senior Managing Director, Head of EMEA Technology
  • T: +44 (0) 20 3727 1287
  • F: +44 (0) 20 3727 1007
    • 200 Aldersgate
    • Aldersgate Street
    • London, EC1A 4HD
    • United Kingdom
    • T: +44 20 3727 1000
    • F: +44 20 3727 1007

Andrew Kennell is the EMEA practice leader of FTI Technology’s Consulting business and is based in London. Mr Kennell has over 20 years of professional experience providing strategic advice to many of the world’s leading organisations on complex regulatory and litigation matters.

Andrew is a recognised expert in the field of eDiscovery and was an early pioneer and innovator in establishing the use of technology in EU regulatory and litigation markets. Andrew provided expert advice in the drafting and acceptance of the TeCSA protocol, which is now in use in the Technology and Construction Courts.

Andrew has provided expert consulting advice in Court on a number of matters in the field of eDiscovery and Technology.

Andrew has provided advice on a substantial number of the UK’s largest and most complex litigation cases, forensic and fraud investigations, public enquiries and global regulatory investigations, and has domain sector expertise in Financial Services (OFAC Infringements, LIBOR and Foreign Exchange dealing), Energy including Nuclear, Aviation, Engineering, Pharmaceutical and Transport.

Over this period Andrew has worked on many high profile matters that include the Grupo Torres fraud matter on behalf of the Kuwait Investment Office, Prince Jefri of Brunei vs Manoukian Brothers, Maxwell Communications Corporation, a number of high profile construction disputes in the mining, civil nuclear, transportation and real estate sectors, Pharmaceutical product liability and patent infringement matters, Sendo Communications dispute with Microsoft, BSkyB v EDS, Tax trust investigations for the Inland Revenue, an intellectual Property and contract dispute for a global Aerospace Manufacturer.

Andrew specialises in financial services regulatory and special investigations having worked for many of the global banking organisations such as ING Bank N.V in the US DOJ OFAC investigation, LIBOR and most recently the foreign exchange dealing investigations. Andrew specialises in bringing highly innovative and defensible solutions to the analysis of large and complex sets of financial data. Andrew is able to bring a level of intellectual expertise in the recognition of subtle and complex patterns in noisy data and is currently pioneering work in the field of behavioural analytics.

Andrew holds a BSc honours degree in pure Physics which coupled with his early scientific research in complex pattern recognition and analysis brings a unique and powerful insight to problems that involve deep and complex data mining and analysis, and the extraction of valuable pieces of human information rapidly.

Andrew specialises in providing strategic advice and solutions on highly complex multi jurisdictional regulatory investigations. In recent investigations Andrew has simultaneously deployed teams across many countries outside of the EU using proprietary technology and techniques to analyse and review large and complex sets of financial data in extremely compressed periods of time. In one recent investigation approximately 1 Billion records have been reviewed and analysed in a period measured in months.

Prior to joining FTI Consulting, Andrew was a founding Director and equity owner of G3 Consulting and has held professional positions in the Forensic Services division of Pricewaterhouse Coopers and scientific research positions with the UK Ministry of Defence where he specialised in ultra-high speed semi-conductors and complex pattern recognition of infra-red images.

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