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N-Site is the first place to visit for up-to-date information on tax developments within the UK Life Sciences Industry.

Members will receive:

  • £750 credit to request a new Guidance Note
  • Access to all existing research and Guidance Notes
  • Tutorial on how to use N-Site to best effect
  • Access to our experts for advice and guidance



After the trial period ends, an annual subscription will cost £1,000 for a single user, which includes a £750 credit for a Guidance Note: Additional users from the company may subscribe for £125. Additional Guidance Notes can be purchased for £750.

Free Access

We are pleased to make these resources available free of charge to:

  1. Academics looking to establish a new commercial venture.
  2. Employees of an early stage company that fulfils both of the following conditions:
    • Less than 5 employees
    • Average cash over the last 12 months of less than £500,000.
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