Building a Culture of Performance Accountability

Forensic & Litigation Consulting | (Reprint)

July 17, 2018


The pace of change in technology and customer expectations that we are witnessing in today’s world is forcing organisations to constantly evolve, and the ability to transform has become a prerequisite requirement for today’s business leader. This drives a change in behaviour in organisations, meaning inertia and risk aversion are being replaced by a sense of urgency and a quest for quick results.

While this shift in focus is something that needs to happen, it brings with it new challenges. Such as navigating the propositions and promises of digital solution providers, while at the same time managing executives who claim they can deliver transformative change across the business without investing in getting buy-in from areas most impacted by the change proposed.

Organisation design thinking is at the heart of the change and involves changing mind-sets, starting with the CEO. It involves fundamentally changing organisational structures to dismantle bureaucracies, changing team structures and behaviours to empower the experts and finally, reinforcing a set of behavioural standards from the CEO leading the change. Through building a culture of performance accountability, we empower our clients to own and manage the transformation, substantially increasing the rate of success and leave behind an organisation that is intact and set up for future growth.

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