Experts With Impact in Tracing Funds in the CIS

Forensic & Litigation Consulting

November 26, 2018


When an allegation of misappropriation in the CIS arose following the dissolution of a large and complex joint venture, FTI Consulting’s forensic accounting experts were best placed to trace the funds and provide expert evidence in Court.

FTI Consulting has a long established track record of helping clients in Russia and the CIS unravel complex transactions and recover assets. When it was alleged that almost USD 100 million had been misappropriated and applied in a variety of ways, our client knew they needed the support of a specialist team to uncover the facts.

FTI Consulting’s expert witness, Ian Thompson, gave oral evidence at the trial, and was described by the judge as having given “extraordinarily careful attention to the matter”. Both the judge and opposing counsel, a top-ranked silk, accepted a key part of his evidence.

The key areas of focus were:

  • interviewing client staff and external auditors to gain an understanding of the group structure and the general flow of funds within the group;
  • processing and analysing financial information relating to over 50 bank accounts;
  • tracing the allegedly misappropriated funds to their final destination; and
  • tracing funds into other asset purchases, and establishing whether there was any proprietary tracing claim.

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