Enhanced Project Management Solution for Multinational Mining and Crude-Oil Company

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January 26, 2021


FTI Consulting’s Asset Lifecycle Management supported optimization and execution efforts for a Fortune 500 global multi-metals company.


As part of an enhanced project management solution initiative, FTI Consulting was engaged by a Fortune 500 global multi-metals company to support the optimization and execution efforts managing and controlling their project sites located in Australia, Europe, North America.

Our Role

  • FTI Consulting assessed the Client’s current operations to identify areas of opportunity and delivered an implementation plan to transform the business from the use of disparate systems and tools to a single project management solution integrated with their ERP solution.
  • FTI Consulting leveraged our proven methodology and delivery framework to successful implement EcoSys across the three regions.
  • FTI Consulting combined their Enhanced Industry Standard EcoSys Configuration with additional custom configured modules to bring the Client’s vision to reality.

Our Impact

  • Optimization efforts set the foundation for the design, configuration, and deployment of a standardized and enhanced project management solution
  • Provided additional benefit by transitioning the client from manual reporting practices to automated self-serve reporting.
  • Streamlined project management activities across three regions, within a single environment.

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