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August 5, 2015

takaud savings and pensions

FTI Consulting advised TAKAUD Savings and Pensions on the launch of a new savings business in the Gulf region – a challenging market which traditionally suffers from an underdeveloped savings culture.

The notion of personal finance in the Middle East and North Africa is very different to elsewhere in the world. Although the region’s elites are fabulously wealthy, across the wider population a culture of saving for the future and retirement has not yet developed, and the long-term financial implications of these trends are a real concern. So the launch of a new savings and pensions business in the Gulf by TAKAUD Savings and Pensions was both a fantastic opportunity and a tremendous challenge from a communications perspective.

Ahead of the launch in 2012, TAKAUD appointed FTI Consulting to plan and execute its communications strategy, and to assist its entry into the Gulf region. The primary task was to build their brand and educate potential customers about the importance of long-term saving and retirement planning.

Bahrain had been identified as the first target market in the region, and it was critical to identify the key messages which would help establish TAKAUD’s reputation. These included the fact that it was part of the KIPCO Group, one of the biggest holding investment companies in MENA region worth $32bn. We also emphasised that TAKAUD is a well-managed, securely funded and highly regulated business, and has partnered with many other well-known investment firms.

The communications strategy had three clear objectives. Firstly, to create awareness of TAKAUD’s business and range of products within the local Arabic and English-language media; secondly, to position the business as an expert commentator on savings and pensions; and finally to highlight the critical need for a greater savings culture within the region.

To achieve these objectives we provided a regular flow of news stories to key media about issues related to saving, as well as creating bespoke research and commentary on the sector.

"TAKAUD partnered with FTI Consulting as its financial services team fully understood our industry and our business, as well as the dynamics of the wider region in which we operate. As a result, FTI Consulting added considerable value to our campaign, and we have since worked closely together building our brand and media profile across the MENA region."

Ebrahim K Ebrahim, Chief Marketing & Communications Officer

The year-long campaign ran across a wide range of communications channels and led to more than 140 articles and influential opinion pieces in the main regional newspapers and business magazines. TAKAUD’s experts also appeared on a number of TV and radio programmes. We worked with TAKAUD to devise a wide-spread digital campaign, comprising editorial and advertising coverage, which was highly successful in reaching target audiences.

Outcome: According to all metrics, the media coverage delivered a significant return on investment for TAKAUD, and created a secure platform for the business to consolidate and develop its media profile and customer awareness.

Following its successful market launch in Bahrain, TAKAUD is now considered as one of the country’s leading specialist providers of savings and pensions, and is poised for wider expansion across the MENA region.

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