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March 10, 2014

Families that have created or inherited substantial wealth face the challenge of understanding and managing the impact on current and future generations. These individuals and families have a need to actively anticipate lifecycle changes in order to live most successfully in all areas of financial, human intellectual and social wealth preservation. We assist our clients with sophisticated tax consulting services that address the needs of high net worth individuals and their families.

Our Mission

The Private Client Services group was created to serve the needs of our private clients, including high net-worth-individuals, their business interests and family foundations. Our professionals have decades of experience, and can provide a broad, comprehensive range of services to you, your family and closely held businesses in all areas of personal planning (including business succession planning, charitable planning, estate planning and retirement planning).

Our knowledge and expertise allows us to create innovative and effective solutions to your planning needs. Our services can help you to protect your family wealth for generations providing the opportunity to secure your financial security and pass your wealth to future generations and/or realize charitable visions.

In addition to our planning services, we are proficient in all areas of tax compliance. We can help executors and trustees through the estate and trust administration services we provide to fiduciaries. We can also help you manage your personal, financial, business and charitable endeavors through our family office and not-for-profit services and can help you manage multigenerational family issues by serving as a bridge between generations to help insure that your values and goals are maintained.

Our comprehensive approach and understanding of the interrelationships between the various planning, tax and administrative disciplines help us to develop strategies that enhance your wealth and help you achieve your goals.

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