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September 9, 2015

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An investigation requires immediate action. Data needs to be collected and analysed, key witnesses and suspects interviewed, and business intelligence gathered and reviewed. At the same time, the company should continue ‘business as usual’ whilst safeguarding its reputation.

FTI Consulting is an internationally recognised leader in independent investigation services to the business and legal community. Our multi-disciplinary team of specialist investigators, forensic accountants, data analysts and computer forensic experts undertake investigations involving corporate fraud, whistle-blowing, employee negligence, white-collar crime, and bribery and corruption allegations

How We Can Help
Working collaboratively, our team can evaluate external information, analyse corporate books, records and electronic information, as well as conduct employee interviews. We also assist with complex accounting and reporting requirements that arise from situations occurring outside the normal course of business or that may be unique to an industry. Through our unmatched research capabilities, we can also access business intelligence which is not always publicly available, to help inform the case strategy.

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