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Marketing & Distribution Analysis & Planning

Differentiation and ease of customer interaction are quickly becoming the hallmarks of successful insurers and brokers. Accordingly, forward looking organisations are searching for greater intelligence and insight upon which to achieve these capabilities and build and gain competitive advantage.

The FTI Consulting Insurance & Investment Management group helps clients understand the impact of various marketing and distribution schemes within the context of specific targeted customers, and within the perspective of the organisation's business and financial objectives.

This is no easy task since it requires collection and analysis of large amounts of internal and external information across the organisation's various customer acquisition and distribution channels.

Working in collaboration with our research colleagues, and using our iSuite Advanced Intelligence & Analytics platform, we are able to help clients acquire the right information, process it, and transform it into visually actionable information for executive planning and decision making.

With the insights gained, clients are able to compare various marketing and distribution scenarios against the backdrop of emerging social and other customer interaction mechanisms. In addition, clients are able to determine the potential financial impact of various options. Equipped with this intelligence, we help clients develop plans for executing appropriate strategies that have favourable financial and customer outcomes.

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