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Strategic Services

In today's complex global environment, client strategies and their propositions delivered to markets must be fact-based in order to be relevant, attractive and profitable. The FTI Consulting Insurance & Investment Management group understands this imperative, and provides the necessary consulting and technical capabilities to help clients gain insights from disparate external and internal information sources in order to make informed decisions. Our consultants bring the necessary business experience, expertise and technical tools to enable timely analysis, development and implementation of strategies and plans that support business goals and objectives, including those related to M&A, restructuring, customer propositions, product development, and outperforming competitors. We help clients understand strategic options, construct accurate business cases, develop clear and precise customer propositions, and create fully supported implementation plans.

Our Industry Services

Strategic Communications

Provides independent communications advice and services… More

M&A Advisory

We offer comprehensive transaction pre and post lifecycle services and support… More

Restructuring Advisory

Advises clients on restructuring related to a variety of requirements… More

Business Planning

Help client boards and senior executives meet strategic objectives… More

Competitive Analysis & Planning

Help clients meet this challenge by conducting research and bringing fact-based intelligence… More

Marketing & Distribution Analysis & Planning

Helps clients understand the impact of various marketing and distribution schemes… More

Product Analysis & Planning

Enables clients to compare various product configurations and pricing alternatives and their outcomes… More

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