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Business Resilience

In today's volatile and complex business environment, organisations must be prepared for, and be able to recover from any disruptive circumstance, of any magnitude, from any source, at any time. In other words, they must be resilient.

FTI Consulting Insurance & Investment Management group consultants help clients achieve resilience through development of comprehensive resilience plans that take a holistic and long-term view of the marketplace and their individual enterprise in order to ensure that the business is prepared to avoid, mitigate and recover from adverse events.

This requires an approach different from the traditional bottom-up plan that addresses specific events in specific organisational units. To ensure continuity of the organisation's strategic business plan, the business resilience program must be strategic and focused broadly, requiring a top-down approach driven by the board and senior executives.

In addressing long-term business resilience requirements, we understand that clients are concerned that they may be faced with a crisis at any time. Accordingly, we focus on identifying major threats, risks and vulnerabilities early in the process so that executives can determine and set priorities for overall programme development. In addition, we can supplement our strategic segment by directly supporting internal staff to develop the tactical initiatives necessary for responding to incidents and mitigating their impact.

Client Benefits Realised:

  • Clearer understanding of the range of threats, vulnerabilities and their financial and operational impact 
  • Clearer understanding and formalised articulation of risk appetite, measurement, mitigation requirements, controls and reporting 
  • Protection of brand and critical assets, and continuity of critical functions
  • High level of resilience and improved long-term sustainability
  • Assurance for stakeholders–boards and management, clients/customers, investors, employees, regulators and trading partners
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