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Sourcing Management

Clients seeking operational improvements or at times lacking certain capabilities need to evaluate the many sourcing strategies that are available to improve performance. Sourcing strategies can involve implementing a shared services approach, developing centres of excellence, accessing third parties to fulfil business objectives.

Third party sourcing strategies can involve off-shore, near-shore, or on-shore approaches. Companies often in-source functions that they feel are ready to bring inside the operation. Developing the right approach given the extensive options that are available can be complex, and need to be based on a full understanding of the current environment, the circumstances leading to the need for sourcing, and an understanding of appropriate options.

FTI Consulting helps clients achieve sourcing objectives through our proven methodology that includes:

  • Operational Assessment, including identification of deficiencies, risks and improvement opportunities, Target Operating Model, and an implementation roadmap
  • Sourcing Strategy that includes education of business leaders, development of a business case based on data collection and analysis, and a definition of scope and requirements
  • Vendor Evaluation & Contracts, including RFPs, vendor identification, due diligence, and selection, negotiation and development of SLAs, and financial and legal review
  • Retained Operations structure design, roles, operational SLAs and customer engagement Standard Operating Procedures
  • BPO and Retained Operations Implementation, including transition planning, team build-out, global roll-out, and transition and change management
  • BPO and Retained Operations Governance & Management, including measurement and controls, monitoring and performance management, and improvement initiatives
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