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Portfolio Analytics

FTI Consulting has developed the Portfolio Reporting & Insight Management Engine (PRIME), a market leading portfolio management solution praised by some of the largest organisations in the world.

PRIME is designed to help our clients improve their profit management and reporting across the insurance cycle, supporting and complimenting active portfolio management. With PRIME, clients are able to drive their decisions from high quality information, and develop a strategic underwriting asset that translates data into profitable choices for their organisation.

PRIME provides portfolio managers and executives with a fact-based, pragmatic and consistent approach to manage the performance of their portfolio. PRIME comprises a number of key components with comprehensive business and technological functionality, including;

  • Robust decision-support tools and predictive models to manage segments, risk profile and underwriting profit
  • A consolidated ‘Executive Dashboard’ for all aspects of performance (premium, claims, profitability, risk and return)
  • Real time results and insights on portfolio performance to any web enabled device.
  • Portfolio segmentation by profit with drill-down options for additional views of profitability, such as broker or industry sector
  • Point and click comment functionality to allow multi-user bubble commentary on performance variance
  • Highly controlled and automated environment (no manual adjustment) for reporting
  • Pre-built data dictionaries
  • Market leading performance metrics
  • Benchmark data
  • Procurement methodology
  • Best Practices

PRIME can be deployed quickly, helping portfolio managers achieve early results in actively managing and aligning operational performance with their portfolio strategy.

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