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Strategic Financial Assessment & Risk Analysis

FTI Consulting is recognised as a premier global consulting firm, helping clients and their advisors assess and mitigate strategic, financial, and operational risks within various business functions and across the enterprise. In our performance of strategic financial assessment and risk analysis, the Pension Consulting Services group seeks to ensure that the retirement and employee benefit plans are in sync with the overarching business strategies and objectives of their plan sponsors.

Our strategic financial assessment and risk analysis services address a variety of matters, including:
  • Actuarial assumptions review and analysis
  • Asset-liability management
  • Compliance and fiduciary matters/fiduciary litigation risk mitigation
  • Dynamic asset allocation/glide path strategies
  • Financing strategies
  • Measurement of hedging effectiveness
  • Pension plan “end game” strategies
  • Pension risk assessment, de-risking and liability risk management strategies
  • Pension strategy, design and modelling
  • Present value calculations, development and review
  • Retirement income solutions, including buy-ins and buy-outs
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